Designed for DAM and workflow applications
Accesses a variety of data sources
Provides powerful application services
Runs in public and private clouds

We build our software solutions on the Torino Platform, which includes a variety of application services and engines. The platform is designed for developing DAM and workflow applications that run in public or private cloud architectures.

Application Services

The Torino Platform includes several application engines and services designed to help you build  applications that extend the power of your DAM environment.

  • A workflow engine for ingesting assets and automating business processes, approval flows and operational tasks
  • Scripting engine for integrating applications and data sources, and for creating custom logic
  • Monitor for detecting new assets and actions as they appear in workflows
  • Scheduler for keeping processes and workflows moving
  • Filter manager for creating complex queries that go beyond traditional DAM browser functionality

Data Access

The Torino Platform includes a modern, proprietary API for accessing digital assets, files and metadata across a variety of DAMs, databases, applications, services and other sources:

  • Bynder, Cumulus, Canto, WoodWing and other DAMs
  • Application platforms and services
  • Amazon S3 and S3 Glacier
  • SQL databases for structured data
  • NoSQL databases for documents and unstructured information
  • Live data feeds and web services
  • Flat files and legacy systems

DAM Applications

The applications built atop the Torino Platform deliver a user experience crafted to specific tasks and workflows that utilize the various platform services. The user experience layer of an application can include:

  • Asset and gallery viewers for examining asset libraries and filtered results
  • Custom extensions to DAM and application platforms
  • Custom-built web interfaces that meet your specific requirements

Learn More About Torino Applications

Torino Solutions are built on the Torino Platform so they’re powerful, extensible and integrate easily with enterprise and public data sources. Ready to learn how Torino solutions and services can solve your DAM and workflow projects? Talk to us.

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