Create or tune your tagging strategies
Clean up existing DAM metadata
Outsource your metadata maintenance

Torino® metadata services help you make the most of your valuable digital assets and your DAM investment.

Digital asset metadata is at the very heart of your DAM catalog, so getting it right is the single most important thing you can do to guarantee DAM success. Your users and applications use it to locate assets, organize projects and keep your business and design workflows moving.

Torino offers a full spectrum of metadata management services. Rather than adding digital librarians to your staff or adding administrative burdens to existing team members, call on Torino to perform any or all of your metadata initiatives.

Refine Your Metadata Strategy

  • Ensure your DAM metadata matches your operations and objectives
  • Develop workflows that enforce your chosen strategy
  • Add new rules and processes as your business changes

Clean Existing Metadata

  • Create rules for manually and automatically tagging assets
  • Update metadata as you add new digital assets and projects
  • Identify newly added assets and verify their metadata
  • Create and maintain asset thumbnails

Streamline New Asset Ingestion

  • Develop pipelines that add metadata automatically
  • Enforce rules consistently across data sources
  • Eliminate the need to edit metadata for newly added assets

We’ll Solve Your Metadata Challenges

Need to rethink your metadata strategies? Clean up your existing assets? Want some ongoing help in keeping your DAM in top shape? Talk to us.

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