Drop new assets into watched folders
Specify custom rules and workflows for each folder
Create metadata, file sizes and formats automatically
Notify users and admins as new assets arrive

Torino HotFolder lets you ingest DAM asset files by dropping them into shared network or cloud folders where they are imported using custom specs and workflows.

Watched folders with custom workflows

  • Drop assets into watched folders that can have custom rules and workflows
  • Assign or calculate asset metadata
  • Create alternates for preset file sizes
  • Create a variety of file formats

Unlimited folders

  • Any number of folders
  • Any mix of shared volumes hosted by Torino, Dropbox, Google or other cloud services

Advanced batch import

  • Upload asset batches by including a file containing import and metadata instructions
  • Preserve subfolder structures via folders and tagging

Asset catalog control

  • Enforce proper approval processes
  • Keep detailed records of asset ingestion for audits and chargebacks
  • Provide reports to admins on schedule or on demand

Automate DAM Import Processes

Go beyond traditional shared-folder asset ingestion with Torino HotFolder. Make life easier for your users and admins as you maintain control of your DAM catalog.  Talk to us.

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