The Torino Story

Premium Cumulus Solutions and Services

Founded as Moksa Software two decades ago, Torino® builds, integrates and supports multimedia asset management and workflow solutions.

Torino Products for Canto Cumulus

Torino develops and markets several products that extend the power and functionality of Canto Cumulus.

  • Torino Flow, the most powerful and extensible DAM workflow solution
  • Torino Stream, which adds video and audio management and streaming to DAM environments
  • Torino Trax, a command center for centrally managing Adobe projects
  • Torino Bridge products, which integrate third-party technologies into DAM ecosystems
  • Torino Tools, which extend DAM functionality with menus that streamline administrative tasks and user workflows

These products are available from Torino and select partners worldwide.

Reseller and Integrator of DAM Technologies

As a Platinum Partner of Canto Software, Torino resells the full Canto product line including the Cumulus digital asset management system, RoboFlow, Canto client tools and integration technologies.

In addition, Torino sells and supports third-party software products in the Cumulus ecosystem including Vproof from Viki Solutions and Archiware P5 archival software.

Platinum Professional Services

Torino is a trusted and long-time provider of professional services to the DAM community. We can help you:

  • Develop digital asset and workflow strategies
  • Develop custom, fully-integrated workflow solutions
  • Plan, audit and manage asset metadata
  • Integrate internal and third-party applications
  • Install and configure new software and hardware
  • Educate and train your developers and users

Many of the world’s largest creative and business enterprises depend on Torino to solve their DAM and workflow problems. You can call on us for fast answers and solutions to your workflow and application challenges.

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