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Share assets with enterprise systems
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Need to migrate assets from another DAM or connect your DAM with enterprise systems?
Torino can make it happen.

The Ins and Outs of Asset Movement

Digital assets are an increasingly crucial part of enterprise systems, and DAMs are the best repository for those assets. As a result, customers frequently ask us to migrate data to and from their DAMs, driven by their need to:

  • Populate new DAMs with existing asset collections
  • Add assets from new data sources and enterprise applications
  • Blend DAM environments after corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Integrate assets into application systems and production workflows
  • Integrate DAM systems with cloud-based shared folder services

Fast, Smart Asset and Metadata Migration

The Torino Platform includes API connectors to popular DAMs. The platform streamlines the transfer of asset files and their metadata among DAM platforms, and eliminates errors and time caused by manual tagging. Using the Torino Platform enables us to migrate still images, video, audio, PDF, application documents, and other file formats.

As part of your asset migration project, we can:

  • Convert asset files in other file formats
  • Adjust file sizes, image resolutions, aspect ratios and other file metrics
  • Migrate tags, dates, license details and other metadata
  • Create new metadata values based your business processes or logic

Need to integrate your assets into enterprise systems and workflows? The open Torino Platform enables us to create connectors to your systems and automate the asset migration process.

Keep Sources Synced with Pipelines

If you require ongoing asset migration with specific data sources, we use Torino Pipeline to create reliable, repeatable jobs that keep everything synced on a scheduled or on-demand basis. Each time a data migration job runs, it can:

  • Detect new and modified assets
  • Move those assets and their associated metadata
  • Sync the data sources
  • Log all actions taken for later verification
  • Send email to data admins and users

Make the Connections You Need

Want more information on migrating and syncing assets across your enterprise? Connect with Torino today to get started.

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