Torino Technology Partners

Integrating Workflow Technologies

Torino® integrates its own software with technology form our partner to create powerful asset management and enterprise workflow solutions.

Canto Cumulus

On-Premises Digital Asset Management
Canto Cumulus is an on-premises DAM that manages digital assets and extensive metadata so you can store, search, sort, track changes and utilize your assets in documents, multimedia presentations and creative workflows.

Adobe Creative Suite

Creative, Marketing and Document Applications
Adobe solutions empower everyone—from emerging artists to global brands—to bring digital creations to life and deliver them to the right person at the right moment for the best results. Torino products work hand-and-glove with Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite applications.

Archiware P5

Archive and Retrieval of DAM Assets
Torino Bridge for Archiware P5 Archive tracks and reports the location of archived files in DAM records. With Archiware P5 Bridge users and administrators know where a files are archived. Messages keep users informed of operational status and successes and warn of any errors that occur in the archives.

Viki Solutions Vproof

Control and Proof Your Assets in a Single Environment
Vproof from Viki Solutions unites content owners, creators and printers into a single design workflow environment. With Torino Bridge for Vproof, everyone can collaborate online in real-time via a single, intuitive web interface to manage projects from conception to approval to delivery.

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