Archive old and inactive DAM assets to cold storage
Assign tags and metadata during archival
Selectively restore assets to active use when needed

Torino Archive enables DAM admins and librarians to control asset storage costs by archiving old and inactive assets to cost-effective, cold storage.

Flexible, Powerful Asset Archiving

  • Select assets to be archived based on dates, collection, metadata search or inactivity
  • Assign tags and other metadata to memorialize archival actions
  • Archive assets on a scheduled or on-demand basis to internal volumes or cloud-based cold storage like Amazon S3 Glacier

Manage archived assets and jobs

  • Selectively restore archived assets from cold to live DAM storage by selection, date, metadata, or batch reversal
  • Log archive jobs for later reference and restore requests
  • View scheduled archive requests
  • Delete old archive jobs and remove their results from archive storage

Control Your DAM Catalog and Storage Costs

Make your DAM easier to use and save on storage costs today by archiving old and unused digital assets, talk to us.

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