Meet your precise application needs
Automate business and creative workflows
Simplify DAM administration

Need DAM functionality that’s not part of your DAM platform? The Torino® team is expert in the development of applications that automate and streamline creative workflows, business processes and DAM administration—according to your precise needs and specifications.

Go Beyond DAM’s Initial Roots

A DAM platform is a specialized type of database manager that stores images, videos, documents and other digital asset files. A DAM also stores metadata, which includes descriptors and metrics associated with each asset.

Early DAM apps were built to enable users to view, search and manage digital images in their marketing efforts. The front-end user interface and the back-end database of the applications were indistinguishable. Modern DAM vendors remain loyal to their roots as they stress marketing and brand management in their positioning, but there is a lot more to DAM technology.

Move Your DAM to a Higher Level

Over the years, DAM vendors have added support for many different types of digital assets and metadata as well as programmatic interfaces (APIs) that enable developers to create applications that access and manage assets and metadata.

Torino uses these APIs to connect the Torino application platform to various DAMs. The platform includes modular building blocks that we use to build DAM applications for our customers that go far beyond the marketing roots of the DAM market. Over the years, we’ve built a wide variety of DAM apps for our customers.

Here is a small sample of applications that we have built for our customers

Design and Creative Workflow

  • Design routing and approval workflow
  • Ordering system for photo library
  • Thumbnail creation and maintenance

Publishing and Printing

  • Magazine article approval system
  • Periodical archive and retrieval system
  • Print production workflow manager

DAM Management and IT

  • DAM administration dashboards
  • DAM and asset usage chargeback system
  • Asset sync managers
  • Asset license compliance
  • Mirrored DAM catalog storage

Sales and Marketing

  • Channel management and partner portal
  • Marketing collateral libraries for CRMs
  • Orders and spec manager for advertising sales

Operations and Manufacturing

  • Facilities and MRO document manager
  • Supply chain document ingestion
  • Workflow management dashboard
  • Custom invoicing system
  • Electronic signature integration

Medical and Scientific Research

  • Medical procedure video management system
  • Video search and playback
  • Video clip viewer and editor
  • Medical documents library with search portal
  • Oceanographic exploration images portal

Proven Track Record and Methodology

We’ve been developing creative and business workflow solutions for over two decades. Our application team includes former DAM developers and certified engineering professionals. The methods and practices we use are time-tested and have been refined over hundreds of business, IT and workflow projects.

When you make us part of your development strategies, you can depend on us to:

  • Work closely with your team to identify your needs
  • Create business requirements specifications
  • Develop, install and configure your custom software
  • Test the solution’s functionality and requirements coverage

And once you are up and running, Torino stands ready to refine and extend your applications as your business needs change. We’re always just a click or call away.

Tell Us About Your DAM Application Needs

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