Customer Testimonials

Comments from Our Customers

“From the start, Torino® was professional, easy to understand and provided great customer service. During their first visit, Torino met with a team of Newsday IT analysts to completely redo what our previous vendor had done. I’m happy to say that thanks to Torino, Cumulus has never run better and the operators have regained confidence in the product. The system has streamlined our workflow and we have future plans to make things even more efficient. All of our future work and support will be handled by Torino and I recommend their services without hesitation!.”

James Kober
Director, Prepress and Advertising

“The Torino support teams’ responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile to coach best practices, provide customization and be available for any questions is quite refreshing and a key element in helping us take full advantage of the great tool Canto has provided in Cumulus.”

Rochelle Flores
Prepress Technical Support
WS Packaging

“Torino turned our Cumulus digital asset management system into an interactive hub for the review and approval of product packaging concepts. Product packaging and marketing associates now have real-time access to the status of reviews, markups and approval cycles for global product packaging projects.”

Thomas Olivieri
IT Project Manager
Rich Products Corporation

“We initially had many problems using Cumulus and it was hardly used. I contacted Torino and explained the frustrating experiences we had with the program and our previous support vendor. I have little doubt that if we had stayed with our previous vendor, Cumulus would either be grossly underutilized, on its last legs, or gone. Torino was instrumental in this turn-around; their willingness to take on this challenge and provide excellent support changed a very negative and unpleasant experience into a positive.”

Cumulus Administrator
Leading University

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