Detect expiring assets and alert admins
Guide admins to archive or reapprove assets
Produce compliance reports to audits

Torino Lifecycle helps you comply with asset license agreements and regulations by keeping only properly licensed assets in your DAM catalog.

Unless you actively monitor your DAM for assets whose programs have ended or usage licenses have expired, your catalog can become a dumping ground littered with old assets and legal exposure. Torino Lifecycle helps you proactively maintain compliance with your asset licenses and ensure that users are including only current assets in their workflows.

Manage expiring assets

  • Store expiration details in asset metadata
  • Detect expiring assets in advance
  • Assign responsible parties for each asset
  • Notify and remind parties until they archive or re-approve assets

Maintain control of your DAM catalog

  • Alert compliance managers when admins fail to respond to expiration alerts
  • Log system and user actions to create audit trails
  • Produce reports for compliance operations and audits
  • Stop users from including expired assets in their documents and designs

Comply with Digital Asset Licenses

Tired of wondering if the assets in your DAM are properly licensed? Tackle your compliance challenges today with Torino Lifecycle. To learn more, talk to us.

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