Document your objectives and requirements
Identify the people, roles and projects that depend on DAM
Discover all your digital assets and sources
Develop and execute a realistic timetable

Torino follows its proven onboarding methodology for the design, configuration and implementation of your DAM system to make sure you get started quickly and maximize the return on your DAM investment.

Getting started the right way can make the difference between the success and failure of your DAM initiatives. At Torino, we’ve been implementing DAM strategies and platforms for our customers for over two decades, so we know the path you need to take. Our proven methodology and implementation skills guarantee your success and maximize your return on your DAM investment.

Discovery and Planning

In the Discovery and Planning stage, we interview and work with your team to identify crucial drivers of your DAM implementation including:

  • Organizational objectives, products and services
  • DAM strategies, goals and initial projects
  • People, roles and processes that depend on digital assets
  • The sources, metadata, file types, sizes and frequency of update of your digital assets
  • Timetables, important deadlines and success metrics for your DAM implementation
  • Technical architecture, authentication, security, privacy and networking requirements

Project Specification

Torino prepares documents that summarize the efforts and tasks that must be performed to meet your requirements including:

  • A plan for the initial and ongoing migration of your digital assets into your DAM
  • How your users will utilize digital assets once they become available
  • How your admins will maintain your digital assets
  • A taxonomy that plays a central role in how your users will navigate and filter your digital assets as they browse, query, filter and view your assets
  • Process and workflow automations required to accomplish your objectives and requirements

DAM Implementation

Torino implements, or works with your DAM provider, to meet the specifications approved by you, including the following tasks and deliverables:

  • The initial and ongoing migration of your digital assets
  • An interface based on your taxonomy that simplifies how users browse, query, filter and view digital assets in your DAM
  • Any process and workflow automations required to accomplish your objectives and requirements
  • Technical requirements that affect the implementation of your Bynder environment

System Testing and Acceptance

Next, you test your new DAM to make sure it meets your requirements. In this phase, Torino will:

  • Help you identify users and admins across various roles in your organization as members of a pilot testing group
  • Provide remote training that conveys core concepts and basic usage to the testers
  • Guide and support the pilot group in its testing efforts
  • Prepare a gap analysis document that summarizes any functionality and stability shortfalls and work with developers and your DAM vendor to correct the problems

Solution Deployment

After you have accepted your DAM solution, Torino completes the steps required to deploy your DAM environment.

  • Create accounts for all users, assign roles and groups, and set appropriate permissions
  • Train your community in the use of your DAM solution and associated workflows
  • Train your DAM admins and digital librarians to manage your DAM, digital assets, metadata and user accounts

Ongoing Support

Torino can remain part of your team after your initial DAM onboarding. We can provide technical support, training and enhancements to your DAM solution as they’re needed. If you want, we’ll stay with you every step of the way.

The Best Way to Get Started

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