Automate and enforce document processes and approvals
Scan incoming documents for tags and metadata
Integrate with enterprise and operational systems
Move beyond simple shared-folder cloud services

Torino Docs goes beyond the simple storage and tagging of Google Docs, Dropbox, and other cloud sharing services to help you manage document libraries and their associated workflows.

Document management

  • Click to view and manage documents
  • Parse incoming documents for key fields, tags and metadata
  • Search documents by metadata including tags, filetypes, dates and sources
  • Download documents to local user systems

Workflow and approval routing

  • Route documents through apporval processes including one-over-one, majority, quorum and unanimous voting
  • Automate workflows of any complexity
  • Monitor workflows and produce status reports
  • Remind approvers to act on pending documents to keep processes moving

Sample application areas

  • Knowledge and customer management for marketing and sales organizations
  • Supply chain document management in manufacturing, logistics and distribution businesses
  • Work order and unit management in real estate, property management and service industries

Go Beyond Simple Shared-Folder Services

There’s a lot more to managing documents than just sticking them in shared folders. Automate your document workflows with Torino Docs. For more details,  talk to us.

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