Torino Trax

Adobe Project Control Center for Cumulus

Adobe applications use hierarchical project folders to manage digital assets while DAMs like Cumulus use flat storage schemas that eliminate folders completely—making them agonizing to use together. Torino® Trax lets you store and manage Adobe projects in Cumulus and reopen those projects whenever you need them.

Manage Your Adobe Projects in Cumulus

Torino Trax makes it easy to manage your InDesign and Illustrator projects in Canto Cumulus.

  • Import project folders into Cumulus to store their documents and linked files, and information required to reopen the projects
  • Track project revisions and revert to earlier versions easily
  • Get reports of open and archived projects
  • Check out entire projects including all required fonts, images and linked files
  • Archive project folders on local or network drives

Enforce Project Control and Consistency

Using Torino Trax, you bring a new level of control and consistency to your design process.

  • Centralize the storage of your InDesign and Illustrator documents and linked files
  • Assign metadata to your projects so they’re easy to find
  • Ensure that when users open project files, they render correctly each and every time
  • Collect projects for easy, consistent export
  • Streamline workflows with freelancers and remote design teams

Included in Torino Trax

  • Module that adds Adobe project control, metadata management, font activation and project reporting to Canto Cumulus
  • Easy installation instructions, online manuals and tutorials

Recommendations and Requirements

Client Recommendations
  • Macintosh running OS X 10.8.6 or higher or Windows PC running Windows 7 or higher
  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 or Creative Cloud 2013-2015
Server Recommendations
  • Cumulus 9 or higher

Gain Control of Adobe Projects

Get instant visibility and control of all your InDesign and Illustrator projects with Torino Trax.

  • View all your projects in your dashboard
  • Select a project to see all its assets
  • Select an asset to see all its related projects
  • Open the centrally stored project in InDesign or Illustrator

What could be simpler? With Torino Trax, answers and access to your Adobe projects are always just a click away.

Bring consistency and control to your Adobe projects

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