Torino Tools

Turbo-Charge Your Cumulus Client Menus

Use Torino® Tools to add menu commands to Cumulus clients and portals that ease administration, automate repetitive tasks and streamline user workflows.

Simplify Cumulus Database Administration

Use Torino Tools to perform custom tasks in Cumulus client and portals to ease database and metadata administration.

      • Streamline your creative and administrative workflows
      • Perform repetitive tasks easily
      • Manage metadata on an interactive or bulk basis
      • Import and export metadata in a variety of formats
      • Eliminate duplicate assets and merge their metadata

… just about any task you want to automate.

Empower Cumulus Users

Using Torino Tools, you can add menu commands to Cumulus clients and portals that empower users:

  • Automate common database queries and actions
  • View approval and workflow progress on projects
  • Work with metadata interactively and dynamically
  • Alert users or take actions when assets or metadata are added or changed
  • Run reports that detail asset usage and metadata
  • Import and export batches of metadata for verification and analysis
  • Provide Excel access to catalog and metadata information

The Sky’s the Limit

Use Torino Tools to add whatever functionality you need to Cumulus clients and portals. You’re limited only by your needs and imagination. Wondering how to add specific functionality to your Cumulus admin and user environments? Just ask us and we’ll help you determine the solution that’s right for your organization.

Make the most of Cumulus with Torino Tools

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