Torino Stream

Add Video and Audio Power to Cumulus

Torino® Stream gives you the power to stream video and audio directly from Cumulus to desktop and mobile users anytime and anywhere.

No medium engages us quite like video—which is why video plays an increasingly crucial role in enterprise marketing, sales, support, service and training strategies. Building on its beginnings in media, news, advertising and entertainment, video has become a mainstay in education, real estate, law enforcement and retail organizations worldwide. As video continues its meteoric rise, it pushes the limits of digital asset and content managers—including Canto Cumulus.

Make Cumulus Audio- and Video-Ready

Torino Stream add a full spectrum of audio and video management features to Canto Cumulus, so you can:

  • Manage your video and audio library in Cumulus
  • Store files in your choice of video and audio formats
  • Convert videos to mp4, HTML5 and other formats automatically
  • Stream files directly from Cumulus
  • Save on system costs by centralizing video and audio storage

Stream to Users on All Devices

Using Torino Stream, your users can:

  • Preview audio and video files without waiting—on desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android phones and tablets, and in the Cumulus Web Client
  • Extract clips from stored videos
  • Convert assets into their desired file formats
  • Download full, high-res videos and clips for editing, sharing and integrating into their creative projects

Drive Content Marketing Strategies

Video and audio are crucial to the content-marketing programs driving today’s customer acquisition and retention strategies. By making video and audio available in Cumulus, Torino Stream gives you the power to:

  • Centralize the storage and management of audio and video assets
  • Tag content for specific audiences
  • Provide fast previews on all devices
  • Allow users to request and check out clips
  • Version video and audio files as users check them in

How Torino Stream Works

Torino Stream automates end-to-end video and audio workflows in Canto Cumulus.

  • Uploads audio and video files to Cumulus
  • Converts A/V files into desired formats
  • Stores converted files as originals or alternates in Cumulus
  • Determines the right format to stream for each request
  • Plays files immediately or emails playback links to users

Included in Torino Stream

Torino Stream includes everything you need to bring full-featured streaming to your Canto Cumulus installation.

  • Audio and video streaming and playback software
  • Clip editing and extraction tools
  • Full library of video file format converters
  • Easy installation instructions, online manuals and tutorials

Requirements and Recommendations

Client Recommendations

Play audio and video files in all HTML5-ready browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and others running on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux operating systems

Server Recommendations
  • Cumulus 9 or higher
  • Canto RoboFlow automation manager
  • Cumulus Web Client optional

Deliver Multimedia Power to Your Users

Torino Stream brings multimedia power directly to your Cumulus users so they can add audio and video to their design, marketing, education and document-management projects.

Using the devices they already have, your users can locate, preview, extract and download the multimedia clips they need to add punch and polish to their projects. And at the same time, you provide the centralized control you need for your valuable audio and video assets.

Bring the power of video and audio to your Canto Cumulus users

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