Torino Smart Mirror

Intelligent LAN, WAN and Cloud Asset Mirroring

Torino® Smart Mirror allows you to intelligently mirror, backup and archive Cumulus assets to networked and cloud file volumes.

Mirror Assets Locally or in the Cloud

Torino Smart Mirror lets you intelligently store Cumulus assets on network, cloud and hybrid cloud file volumes including:

  • LAN and WAN drives
  • The Cumulus Vault
  • The Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 cloud
  • The Microsoft Azure cloud

Smart Mirror provides a new level of flexibility and security so your users and apps can easily access, manage, archive and backup your Cumulus assets.

Smart Access and Security

Smart Mirror lets you grant users access to mirrored copies of network- or cloud-based assets through any Cumulus interface—while granting admins privileges to manually copy, backup, restore and delete assets on mirrored volumes. You can also use custom rules to grant asset access based on user, group, role or asset metadata.

Automatic Backup and Archiving

Configure Torino Smart Mirror to mirror copies of assets on your network file system, in the Cumulus Vault or in the Cloud. You can then schedule tasks to periodically backup all of your assets, or add logic to selectively archive them based on size, age, inactivity, tag, catalog—however you want.

Make Cumulus Vault More Usable

The Cumulus Vault’s versioning and archiving capabilities are powerful, but convert assets into an unreadable proprietary format that complicates file access for end users. To meet the needs of both users and information managers, Smart Mirror stores assets in the file system and the Cloud, giving users easy access to the files they need while using the Vault to backup and version those assets.

Mirror your Cumulus assets in the Cloud



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