Torino Flow

Keep All Your Workflow Projects Moving

Torino® Flow goes far beyond the workflow functionality built into DAM platforms to deliver the power you need to keep even the most complex, multi-user projects moving.

Create, Launch and Manage Projects

  • Manage tasks and projects on any browser-enabled device
  • Create ad hoc workflows or start with templates
  • Define complex, dynamic, rule-based workflows
  • Assign tasks to internal and external users

Keep All Your Projects Moving

  • View a real-time dashboard of the status of all your projects
  • Visualize and track the state of every task in each workflow
  • Support a variety of approval and voting methods
  • Pinpoint bottlenecks and re-allocate resources to eliminate logjams
  • Auto-continue projects when users fail to approve tasks on time
  • Maintain pools where team members pick up unassigned tasks

Drive Productivity and Accountability

  • Provide clear instructions to users for completing their tasks
  • Manage to-do lists across project teams
  • Store all user comments and documents securely
  • Allow team members to search user comments and documents

Support All Your Users

  • Work  with all users and freelancers, even those unfamiliar with DAM technologies
  • Let users view and download the assets they need with a click
  • Support the desktops, laptops and mobile devices already in use

Included in Torino Flow

  • Workflow engine that manages the creation, assignment, routing and approval of project tasks
  • Project control, metadata management, font activation and project reporting
  • Complete integration with Adobe InDesign
  • Easy installation instructions, online manuals and tutorials

Keep Your Projects Moving… Starting Now

Torino Flow is the most powerful, configurable and scalable workflow solution available for DAM environments and can be licensed from Torino and select partners worldwide. Depend on Torino and its partners to configure your installation and launch your Torino Flow projects.

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