Digital Asset Managers

What is a Digital Asset Manager?

Why Use a Digital Asset Manager?

A digital asset manager (DAM) lets you store, manage and utilize your digital assets, which can include documents, images, drawings, audio, video, fonts, icons, presentations, plans, schematics—any online file that is important to your workflow.

DAM software enables you to assign tags and other metadata to your assets so you find and view the assets you need and put them to work quickly in your projects. The flexibility of the DAM model makes it an ideal backbone for graphic and web design, web content management, multimedia creation, print production, marketing automation—and increasingly for general business uses such as materials management and resource planning.

What to Look for in a DAM Solution

What should you look for in a DAM solution for your organization? The feature checklist is long and opens the door to important and detailed discussions. As a start, a DAM platform should enable you to:

  • Centralize storage and distribution of assets
  • Provide easy asset utilization to users
  • Store and expose extensive metadata to developers and users
  • Control digital usage licensing rights
  • Find assets fast and flexibly
  • Develop responsive apps for desktop and mobile platforms
  • Support the simplest to the most complex applications
  • Secure digital content reliably
  • Set access privileges at the category, user, group or asset level
  • Support cloud deployment requirements
  • Expose DAM functionality via extensive APIs
  • Integrate dependably with other apps and technologies
  • Analyze content usage via reports and analytics

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