Torino Bridge for Archiware

Archive Your Cumulus Projects and Assets

Add powerful asset and job archiving to your Cumulus environment. With a click, back up important work and move old projects to disk and tape archives to free up storage.

Torino® Bridge for Archiware P5 Archive tracks and reports the location of archived files in Cumulus records. With Archiware P5 Bridge users and administrators know where a files are archived. Messages keep users informed of operational status and successes and warn of any errors that occur in the archives.

Add Archiving Power to Cumulus

Integrate P5 Archive, Archiware’s solution for moving data offline to disk and tape, directly into the Cumulus user interface so you can:

  • Archive old and unused assets to free up online disk space
  • Manage Cumulus job files and spool their logs to P5 archives
  • Track down archiving errors quickly
  • Archive files and projects automatically using filters based on names, file sizes, dates and other criteria
  • Use P5 Archive’s reports to track and locate offline files
  • Secure data by encrypting it during transport and storage
  • Clone tape archives and store copies offsite

Backup and restore asset and project
archives from within Cumulus

Send Backup to the Background

The optional Torino Bridge Server for Archiware extends the power of P5 Archive even further by automatically managing P5 archive sessions on behalf of requesting users.

The Bridge Server combines server reliability and user productivity into one simple archiving solution. By transforming archive requests into background processes, Torino Bridge Server eliminates the 15 to 30 minutes of downtime that users suffer while waiting for archiving sessions to complete.

Scalable, Extensible Storage Solutions

Torino Bridge for Archiware takes advantage of P5’s scalable and modular design. You can easily add hardware and media to expand the storage capacity of your Cumulus installation. And as you do, P5 Archive performs parallel archiving to multiple drives simultaneously.

Cost-Effective Media Choices

The most cost-effective and dependable offline storage media is LTO tape, which has a 30-year certified life span and the lowest cost per terabyte of any storage solution on the market. To transport data, you can export it to LTFS formatted tapes. Both LTO and LTFS tapes can be read by drives made by various hardware vendors.

Archive your unused Cumulus assets today

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