Torino Products

Torino Products Extend Canto Cumulus

Torino® develops software that extends the power and functionality of Canto Cumulus. You can license these products directly from Torino and select partners worldwide.

Torino Flow is the most powerful and extensible Cumulus workflow solution available anywhere.

Torino Stream lets you stream video and audio directly to Cumulus users on any device.

Torino Trax is a command center for storing and managing Adobe projects in Cumulus.

Torino Bridge for Vproof integrates Viki Vproof online collaboration, proofing and approval into your Cumulus workflow.

Torino Bridge for Archiware lets you back up old Cumulus assets and jobs to disk and tape archives.

Torino Tools let you add menus to Cumulus clients that automate tasks, ease administration and streamline user workflows.

Find out how Torino products extend the power of your Cumulus installation

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