Software Upgrade Services

Ask Torino to Perform Upgrades and Updates

To make the most of your Cumulus investment and maximize productivity across your organization, it’s important to keep your Cumulus environment up-to-date. By using the very latest software, you get access to powerful new features and performance gains, and support for the latest operating systems and technology advances.

Put Upgrade Hassles Behind You

Installing software upgrades and updates can be very complex, especially when Canto recommends you backup and uninstall previous versions before moving forward. And you always run the risk of winding up with incompatible tools and applications. Avoid upgrading hassles by asking Torino® to perform them for you. To streamline and simplify upgrades for you, Torino will:

  • Lead the execution of upgrade processes
  • Document each step of the process
  • Minimize downtime of your Cumulus Server and applications
  • Make sure the releases of your server and apps are compatible

Migrate Existing Catalogs and Applications

There’s more to the upgrade process than installing new software. So when we upgrade your installation, we also:

  • Migrate your asset catalog and configuration settings to the new Cumulus release
  • Update Torino and third-party tools to maintain compatibility with Cumulus
  • Ensure that your DAM and workflow applications function correctly in the new environment

Introduce Features to Admins and Users

When you upgrade your software, it’s also a good time to evaluate your team’s training needs. As part of our upgrade services, we can explain new features to admins and users and familiarize them with the applications, assets, metadata, workflows and processes that comprise your Cumulus ecosystem.

Stay Current with New Features. Upgrade Today.

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